My Work

StarlightGoogle anything quickly08/2/2020
Auto Door BuzzerHardware + app that buzzes me in to my building :)09/5/2018
MajorityRulesLive mobile game show where the most popular answer wins03/28/2018
HQuack (Blog Post) HQuack goes viral!02/13/2018
HQuackWebsite that predicts answers to HQ Trivia questions live01/7/2018
Techstars + ShopTurnShopTurn graduates from Techstars' Retail '17 Class10/11/2017
ShopTurnOn-demand consumer return service (Co-founder & CTO)07/1/2017
AbeMor.comAbe Mor Diamond Buying Program (webpage)01/30/2017
Lift Log v2.0Workout Tracker & Weightlifting Journal01/5/2017
Blog PostHow someone can steal your iCloud password07/19/2016
TrailVideo Sharing Social Network for iPhone07/7/2016
apiPHPA lightweight framework for writing APIs rapidly on a LAMP stack.12/21/2015
Tech NewsA news aggregator powered [unofficially] by Panda.12/21/2015
Blog Post 1The .htaccess file I use10/13/2015
Smart Home Control CenterRaspberry Pi hosted smart home (demo using Macbook)09/26/2015
abemor.comBiggest project to date.08/14/2015
Briefing for iOSOfficial iOS app for briefi.ng07/7/2015
Hype Machine HackDownload anyone's favorite songs on Hype Machine06/27/2015
Github Password StealerFor educational purposes only!05/23/2015
WorkspaceAssign multiple webpages to a single bookmark04/29/2015
Art•iculate (Work in Progress)A platform for emerging artists to share paintings, poems, films & art in general.03/4/2015
Sum It UpA natural language processing algorithm that summarizes articles03/3/2015
The Best MoviesA web-scraping project that orders movies based on Oscar wins and various review websites. 03/1/2015
JakePHPA lightweight PHP web framework for beginners02/26/2015
Travel BudsFind a classmate to share a cab to the airport with.12/22/2014
Hello KittyHired by Hello Kitty to build two branded Android Games07/20/2014
RecipixA website showcasing Recipix, a recipe sharing app.06/21/2013
NSHA High School AppAn android app built for my highschool05/25/2013
AM Diamond Buying GuideA diamond pricing calculator and buying guide for iOS & Android.05/22/2013
Squares in SpaceRetro styled iOS & Android game inspired by Snake and Pacman04/29/2013
The Knitting PlaceA website/logo designed for The Knitting Place (my amazing mom's store)07/21/2012
StockpileSimple two touch iOS game10/28/2011
GarfyFirst game on iOS04/1/2011
Tip SplitFirst iOS App! Split your dinner bill with friends!01/5/2011
Jake Fix ItMy first company and website!04/31/2010